Why fulfilment is the foundation for success in eCommerce

Why fulfilment is the foundation for success in eCommerce

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Anna Loveridge
6 months ago

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A solid fulfilment partnership is the foundation for any eCommerce businesses looking to scale into new markets, providing reliable physical infrastructure to support growth. From experience, we know that a seamless fulfilment process is crucial for success hence why we have partnered with the award-winning Huboo Technologies.


Research by Deloitte discovered that 96% of consumers expect a seamless experience across all sales channels. At roseta.io we are meeting this demand by linking Huboo to multiple marketplaces and online stores with an integration via our platform. When an order is placed on any channel, our integration enables Huboo’s global warehouses to be notified automatically. No need for human intervention, no more unfulfilled orders, and a service you and your customers can trust in. 



Why chose Huboo?


Huboo enables growth into new markets using one simple and scalable fulfilment platform, streamlining the process while maintaining consistency and inventory across continents. With the lowest like-for-like costs in the market, Sellers have full transparency over how much they are spending in real-time via a dashboard*. These competitive fees are possible due to their industry-leading Hub Model (see below), and can allow for an increased marketing spend, driving sales and increasing brand awareness.







Huboo’s progressive Hub Model


Compared to traditional fulfilment providers, Huboo designates Hub Managers to each Seller. This means products are stored within a micro warehouse and cared for by a designated Hub Manager that picks, packs and ships products under the Seller’s brand-specific guidelines. This unrivalled service is unique within the market and Sellers have direct communication with their Hub Manager at all times. The micro warehouse model means that it takes less time and space to fulfil orders, equaling unparalleled costs and an enhanced customer experience. 




Customer satisfaction and loyalty



With Huboo, Sellers have the option to tailor the delivery options most convenient to their customers*. This gives consumers a choice and  improves delivery times; essential factors for customer satisfaction with recent research by Deloitte noting that 64% of consumers expect “timely delivery”. Customer satisfaction is intrinsically linked to repeat revenue and data by Business.com reports that returning customers spend 67% more than new customers. 








How easy is it to get set up with a roseta.io integration?

Modern day consumers expect a seamless experience across all channels, and fulfilment is the foundation for any successful eCommerce business looking to scale locally and globally. Huboo offers; scalability across continents, competitive fees, a unique hub management system, transparency of orders, and a complete service that acts as an extension of your brand. If you’re looking to integrate your Marketplace or Online store with Huboo, get in touch with the roseta.io team today. 




*not all couriers are available in all regions