Why automate your Not On The High Street store with Shopify

Why automate your Not On The High Street store with Shopify

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Anna Loveridge
6 months ago

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Not On The High Street (NOTHS) is an online marketplace selling niche and artisan products from independent sellers in the UK, to date they have on-boarded approximately 5000 sellers


It’s mission for supporting independent makers has given it a foothold in a competitive market where Amazon and eBay historically held precedence.


Pandemic behaviour change


Amidst national lockdowns, the nation revisited old hobbies and started new crafts due to having surplus time on their hands. Hobbycraft alone experienced a 200% increase in online sales whilst their website searches for knitting supplies increased by 400%, and searches for Sewing supplies rose by 300%.


Growing numbers of redundancies nationwide led UK residents with a creative side to explore other avenues for income. Whilst existing independent sellers looked for digital platforms that could supplement the loss of sales to their brick and mortar sales. At the same time, NOTHS expanded its product ranges to extend beyond just gifting, so it could cater to a new demand for high-quality handmade homewares, food and drink items, and garden supplies. They also upgraded to the latest cloud technology to enable businesses to scale more easily

Increased sales during pandemic


Many businesses already using NOTHS were experiencing an increase in sales via both their personal website and their NOTHS shopfront. One of our clients, Tillyanna, is an example of an independent seller who was finding it difficult to manage orders from both their Shopify store and NOTHS. Although NOTHS updated to the latest cloud software to increase efficiency and promote flexibility, an additional API Integration was required to automate communication between them (NOTHS and Shopify).


roseta.io’s Not On The High Street to Shopify API Integration further improved the scalability of the brand, enabling them to automate systems and improve customer experience. This freed up time for the team to make more products and analyse new industry trends to meet consumers demands. 


Many NOTHS users selling via Shopify are seeing the value that an integration provides them, allowing them to dedicate their creative attention on making more stock and growing their business. Many sellers like to do behind the scenes work themselves in the beginning stages of their business, however there is a significant shift towards automation as a strategy for scaling into new markets and increasing their bottom line. 

How easy is it to integrate with roseta.io?


Our Not On The High Street to Shopify API Integration can be live within just 48 hours and enables sellers to update tracking, import orders, and synchronise customer data between both systems. All order information can be accessed from one source of truth and the user friendly dashboard gives an overview of inventory and sales in real-time. 


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