What Is An iPaaS Integration?

We try to limit the amount of jargon that we use on our website, but roseta.io belongs to a subset of systems commonly known in the industry as iPaaS. This article is intended as a general overview and introduction to the technology, in addition to summarising the benefits.



Integration Platform As A Service

iPaaS is an acronym that stands for ‘Integration platform as a service’.

In short, it is a set of cloud-based automated tools that can connect numerous applications across an organisation. What’s revolutionary for the eCommerce Industry is that businesses can use these iPaaS services to connect their sites or cloud based applications in real time. This improves efficiency of systems and business processes, such as instant data integration and improved site functionality, creating customer relationships built upon quality. iPaaS enables businesses to boost their bottom line and grow business, a lucrative draw for many small to medium sized enterprises.



How Does An iPaaS Integration Work?

Many business applications often have different operating systems, different communication channels, and different data storage methods. To complicate matters a little more, they may also be geographically located in different countries with varying time zones. In order for these systems to be compatible with one another they need to speak the same language. This is where an API integration is useful.

For example: If a business were to have a Japan based trade partner, the likelihood is that I would need an interpreter to be able to communicate effectively with them. Without one we would fail to understand one another and reach no positive outcomes. In a software scenario, it’s exactly the same. Different applications speak different languages. An interpreter is needed so information can be extracted and exchanged; the interpreter being an integration, or iPaaS.





In a more tech based example, an integration allows an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to retrieve information from an eCommerce website, such as Shopify. It's common for these databases within a business to be separate and therefore the data has to be manually collated to complete orders, send tracking information to the customer, and monitor buying behaviour. An ERP integration can simply link your ERP software with your website marketplace to save you

  • time
  • hassle,
  • money
  • and curtail human error.

The integration solution acts as a dialogue between the two systems. An Integrated Platform As A Service provides a quick and inexpensive way to integrate systems, so they speak the same language removing all the groundwork.



5 Reasons To Integrate

If you're still doubting the power of an iPaaS integration then here are 5 reasons why an integration can elevate your business on both a financial and organisational level.



1. It Makes Your Life Easier.

If integration between different systems has not been done, the only way to transfer data between them is by manual means, e.g. CSV files. This kind of manual data transfer is slow and prone to error, as well as monotonous and frustrating. Real time data integration via iPaas offerings reduces time spent on manual tasks and improves your business’ efficiency.


2. It Builds Brand Loyalty.

Cloud services could be the key to positive customer relationships. Customers always come first and the expectations for customer experience have never been higher. By integrating with your site with trade partners you keep potential consumers on your site for longer; they truly experience every part of your brand from the colours and logo, to the brand personality and general feel. This familiarity builds trust. Trust + convenience = brand loyalty. Simple integrations between Point of Sale (POS), processing sales orders, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can streamline the user experience so the bounce rate reduces and the sales rate increases. 


3. It Saves Time And Frees Up Resources.

iPaaS is both time and cost-effective. It provides instant long-term solutions without the worries of maintenance and human error. This, in turn, equates to savings in hardware, software and personnel costs.


4. Your Business Is Growing Quickly.

With an iPaaS your business can expand without the hassle of setting up yet another custom in-house integration. As long as your future Saas applications are available on the cloud network, your integration platform scales with your business.


5. It Improves Communication.

The integration platform keeps everything in sync, you know what needs to be discussed across departments: for example, your marketing people will know your sales numbers and sales team can stay on top of marketing performance. Your whole team will be looking at the same data and can get involved with new perspectives and spot problems that may otherwise stay unnoticed.



Getting Started

roseta.io offers a catalogue of simple yet effective integrations that can provide solutions for all your key technologies today. We have speedy set up times, dedicated ongoing support, and around the clock efficiency.

Visit our integrations page to find out more about our fully serviced cloud integrations designed for ERP, CRM, Fulfillment (WMS), Accounting, eCommerce (www), and Marketplace.

Or contact our friendly UK based Sales Team today for expert advice tailored to your company's needs.

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