Top 4 CRM Systems of 2021

We’ve put together a list of our most highly rated CRM systems of 2021. CRM simply stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and is a useful tool for building and nurturing relationships with your client base.


Hubspot is one of the leading systems and you can get free access to their CRM services, but additional elements such as in-depth reporting tools cost around $200/month. We recognise that this may not be justifiable for smaller businesses or start ups so we’ve put together a list of alternative choices, including Hubspot, that are affordable without sacrificing functionality.


1. Active Campaign



Active Campaign enables you to activate your entire customer experience. Main features include:


  • Import orders into your account.
  • Advanced reporting tools.
  • Sync calendar tasks.
  • Scalable price packages depending upon the number of contacts you have - ideal for small businesses.
  • No free options but affordable pricing starting at just $9/month : this is the cheapest alternative without skimping on service.


2. Send In Blue


Send In Blue combines CRM with marketing features to turn your website visitors into customers. Their top features include:


  • Features of an advanced contact automation and tracking platform.
  • Free plan includes unlimited contacts, built-in CRM, marketing automation and web tracking.
  • With a paid plan you can send transactional emails for order notifications and invoices.
  • Lite plan starts at just $25 per month.



3. Ontraport

Ontraport has everything you need to manage all your sales, marketing and business processes in one place.

  • Tracks all your customer data, purchases, and engagement to convert leads and sends automated follow ups to “hot leads”.
  • The software offers business process automation, marketing analytics, CRM, landing pages, eCommerce, email marketing, and marketing automation.
  • Basic plan starts at $79 per month with staged pricing up to Enterprise.
  • Although this is slightly steeper in price Ontraport have a large customer base and has won awards as Top 20 Leading Generation Software 2020 and Top 20 Landing Page Software 2020, if you can afford a little extra it’s worth the investment.


4. Hubspot


Hubspot is the fully integrated CRM System that offers advanced tracking and reporting metrics so you can convert more leads into sales.


  • User friendly platform that boasts simplicity in comparison to other more complex CRM Systems.
  • Track performance and communication on different networks.
  • Manages all elements of inbound marketing, blogging, and lead nurturing in one place.
  • Monitors what leads and visitors are doing on your site.
  • Simplifies contact between you and your contacts.
  • Free version of CRM available without access to advanced reporting.
  • Starter plans from $38/month up to $990/month.



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