The Most Popular Digital Marketplaces in The UK in 2021

The Most Popular Digital Marketplaces in The UK in 2021

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Anna Loveridge
11 months ago

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The eCommerce industry has experienced a significant expansion as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; online UK retail sales increased from a 5% share in 2008, to 30% share in 2021 (Office for National Statistics). Research predicts that by 2040, more than 95% of all purchases are to be conducted via eCommerce.


In 2020 $2.67 trillion was spent globally on the top 100 marketplaces, amounting to 67% of all global online retail sales. Many independent retailers have shifted to selling via marketplaces due to their ability to connect multiple sellers with multiple buyers via an online platform. With this growth in popularity, both from the consumer and seller perspective, it is no surprise that marketplaces are on the rise. 



Amazon has been dominating this space for many years, and as of 2021 66% of consumers are beginning their product search on this platform. Although Amazon takes precedence, eBay is a close second with niche marketplaces such as Etsy, OnBuy and ManoMano appearing in the ranks. Here’s our roundup of the most popular marketplaces in among UK users based upon research by Similar web tracking website traffic / visits (in millions):





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