Spotlight: Meet Our Lead Developer Spotlight: Meet Our Lead Developer

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4 months ago

We decided to speak to Roseta’s lead Developer, Philippe, to find out a little more about the challenges and successes that he experienced when developing  the Platform. In the interview we also cover Philippe's top tips for companies thinking about integration.

What was the most exciting thing about developing the Platform?

The most exciting thing is being able to provide an off the shelf catalogue of application integrations so they are more widely available and accessible across the technology market. It’s something  our sister company New Vision has been doing for years on a bespoke basis, and now we have the opportunity to make it simple and affordable for more people.

What challenges did you face when designing the platform?

The main challenge is creating an integration platform that can cater for lots of different systems and Web APIs. We have to deal with an array of:

  • different technologies
  • authentication methods
  • and styles of systems

There is no real standard across the industry! This is particularly true of legacy systems that tend to use outdated and more cumbersome processes to run their platforms. I’m really proud of the fact we’ve been able to build a platform that can accommodate a vast number of these requirements off the shelf, and this enables us to onboard new systems in the most streamlined way possible. 

How do you think can shape and lead the industry?

Our aim at is to make integrations accessible to everyone. It’s quite unique that a software company caters for both established businesses and startup companies, whether that start up be a small company or a one person brand. We hope to be able to make the same technology available to both ends of the market, not only meeting needs from a technological perspective, but also showing how integrations can increase efficiency and productivity for business users.

What inspires you as a developer?

The tech industry is moving so quickly that there is always something new to learn, a new way to grow my skill set and find pioneering solutions. It’s similar to the sense of contentment you get when answering a maths question, when you get the answer right it works and makes sense. The excitement is in the challenge of building something new and not knowing if it’s going to work, but then it does. 

What are your top tips for companies thinking about integrating?

Be clear about why you want to integrate, what end result are you looking for. Then get in touch and talk to our team and we can advise you on how to best achieve that goal. All of our integrations at are pre-built, tested and ready to go, you can see on our site the integrations that we offer. But we are also experienced in adapting to market needs. Generally we are ahead of the curve but if you are looking for something that we don’t seem to offer, get in touch and we can see if it is something we are already working on developing.

Finally, what are the main benefits clients have experienced after using

Working with eCommerce sellers such as Gardeners Dream we set up an Etsy to Volo Integration and a Shopify to Volo Integration. Both of these were crucial for the success of their business. It has reduced human error, saved time and enabled the brand to focus on efficiency and growing online sales. This solution wasn’t available on the market elsewhere so I guess this is our main USP if you will, we anticipate industry trends and create brand new software integration solutions to fill in the gaps.

Getting Started offers a catalogue of simple yet effective integrations that can provide solutions for all your key technologies today. We have speedy set up times, dedicated ongoing support, and around the clock efficiency. 

Visit our integrations page to find out more about our fully serviced cloud integrations designed for ERP, CRM, Fulfilment, Accounting, eCommerce (www), and Marketplace. Our Etsy Integration and Shopify Integration can also be linked to other platforms.

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