announces new OnBuy to Khaos Control Cloud Integration announces new OnBuy to Khaos Control Cloud Integration

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In light of the global pandemic, eCommerce is seeing more retailers expanding their audience by choosing to list their products on Marketplaces. Many of these businesses are already using ERP systems to streamline the efficiency of their operations including management of stock, customer data, accounts, and supply chain management. When transitioning to the digital marketplaces, retailers have struggled to create a consistent and seamless experience for their customers. decided to meet this challenge by teaming up with the UK’s most trusted online marketplace,, to create a new integration with the well-known Khaos Control Cloud. With an OnBuy to Khaos Control Cloud API Integration, data is synced automatically between both platforms. When an order is placed in OnBuy, this is automatically registered in Khaos Control Cloud. Similarly, when product availability is updated in Khaos Control Cloud these changes are replicated within OnBuy in real time. 


This API solution helps retailers avoid overselling, maintain accurate records of stock levels, have a clear view of product sales, and update both platforms easily and efficiently. When choosing to sell across multiple platforms this visibility and credibility of data is essential for the smooth running of an eCommerce business.


As a UK company,’s main mission is to make integration simple and accessible to a range of businesses and help them scale into new markets. This new integration connecting with Khaos Control Cloud enables clients already using Khaos Control Cloud to manage their business in a more easeful and productive manner. prides itself on meeting market needs and adapting to fill the gaps.


Gardener’s Dream’s, Andy Goldie, comments on how their integration is “crucial to the success of our business and not currently available elsewhere."

“We are dedicated to creating solutions for the eCommerce industry, to continue going above and beyond providing continuous support, and offer new integrations to meet the needs of our clients who already have a subscription with us” says CEO and founder, James Blackburn. 


About is a UK based company with the mission of making integrations simple. They provide fully serviced cloud integrations specially designed for every aspect of selling online. They are praised for their ongoing support and high levels of customer service. 

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Pricing packages are available to suit SMB’s and Enterprise Businesses. Find out more about the OnBuy to Khaos Control Cloud Integration.



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