Meet the team: Junior Developer, Ricardo

Meet Ricardo, the newest addition to our forever growing team. Find out more about from the inside, learning a little more about the company culture and mission to make industry leading integration solutions simple.



What interests you about working in technology? 


Technology changes constantly and it’s interesting to learn something new everyday. I’m a people person so I really enjoy working closely with my team to discuss new features, solve problems, ask for recommendations, and build new solutions. 

What was your experience before working at

I first got a taste of coding 8 years ago when I learnt to build robots for various competitions such as dancing, rescue and football leagues. This inspired me to move to the UK to study Creative Computing where I learnt a lot of new programming languages, giving me the skills to explore my own projects in my spare time. My passion for developing websites led onto freelancing at many companies before eventually joining the team. 

Tell us a little bit about your role at


As Junior developer I am responsible for the development of the frontend and backend of both the website and the product. On the product side I am in charge of researching and developing new integrations between APIs mainly on eCommerce platforms. I also provide support to new and ongoing customers with setup, customization requests or even new features they might require.


How are roseta leading the eCommerce industry with API integrations? has a number of industry leading clients and partners including ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, and Newsuite. While integrations for these channels are usually quite complex and hard to implement, the team at simplify the setup process for customers and provide ongoing support. 


Unlike bespoke software companies our integrations are service led, tried and tested solutions that are easy to set up. That said, if a customer would like an integration that we don’t support currently we take the time to scope out if it is feasible for us to add this to our catalogue of services to make sure we meet the needs of the industry.



So how easy is it for an integration to go live with


As we support a lot of integrations it makes it a lot easier to onboard new customers. The delay only comes when we make minor tweaks to the features of an integration if a company requires it to be tailored to their unique needs. 

What sort of features do customers often request? 

Well, some customers have particular needs whereby they would like data to appear in a certain place, or sometimes they need a particular SKU or product code embedded in the integration; therefore, our service is very personalised as we work closely with our clients during the setup period to make sure the integration meets their needs. If these needs change over time, we are also on hand to help. If two companies use the same integration, let’s say a ChannelAdvisor to Shopify API Integration, the technology is the same but there may be tweaks that we make to tailor it to company preferences. 

What are the benefits of the dashboard?


The dashboard essentially gives an overview of any existing integrations with Within the dashboard you can find all the documents you need to set up your integration and have full visibility of the data transfer between platforms, communicated via messages or workflows. There is also permission for the customer to turn workflows on and off, such as order imports or order updates, if there are internal reasons for needing to do so (unrelated to Some of our customers are more technological minded and like to utilise our workflow monitor to inspect each update in detail. This feature is particularly useful for technical customers who require more  in-depth data.

How are you keeping up to date with industry trends


We are always on top of the technology within the systems we are using and continue to look for new ways to expand our services to meet the latest update. For instance, Etsy released a new API recently which enables to offer more features such as tracking updates and inventory management. Without Etsy releasing this no one else in the industry would have this functionality, our aim is to lead in implementing these changes to our integration so we can better cater to the industry. We are always looking into the systems that we work with so we can continue to offer new features

Integrate with

Integrating with can open up your business’s potential by increasing sales and enabling you to keep an eye on your order and stock movement at all times. We currently offer integrations for marketplaces, eCommerce, Fulfillment, Epos, accounting and have more that we will be launching in 2021. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you scale up your business and reach more customers.