Why should I choose Roseta?

Why should I choose Roseta?

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1 month ago

We developed the Roseta Platform to fill the needs of the eCommerce industry. We provide off the shelf application integrations that are tailored to your company's needs.  Our integrations enable you to manage multiple systems and pay only for what you need with plans that are based upon the volume of messages sent. 

Roseta in a nutshell

Roseta is a cutting edge, affordable software solution specifically designed to help today’s eCommerce companies solve the challenge of integration. Not only is our platform brilliant at doing this, we provide it on a fully serviced basis and ensure each customer gets the correct setup from the start. 

What is a message?

A message is the communication channel that  enables an integration. Simply put it is  an interaction or communication between two systems (i.e. your eCommerce Website + Fulfillment Service, including Roseta). To complete a workflow, it usually* requires two messages: one to collect the data from the origin system and second to pass the data to the target system. 

*Some integrations require more API messages to complete a workflow, so it can be more than two messages. For example, when retrieving an order we may need to make additional requests to receive payment and customer address information. 

What is a workflow?

Your integrations will likely have several workflows, and they each serve a specific purpose. For example if you have an eCommerce integration to an ERP solution, the synchronization of stock levels would be considered one workflow, and another would be the downloading of Sales Orders.

Is there a limit to the number of integrations I can have on my account?

No. We support lots of different integrations and each of our price plans allow for unlimited integrations. Each integration is subject to a setup fee, and plans are rated by the volume of messages, hence why it is likely that by adding a new integration your price plan may increase due to a higher volume of messages.

What happens if I want to add new integrations or workflows after my initial setup?

This is not a problem at all, and is quite a common occurrence with our customers. Any new integrations or workflows will be subject to additional setup fees and a short lead time (both subject to complexity). 

What is the turnaround time to set up a new integration?

For the most common integrations, we can have customers up and running in as little as 48 hours. If the integration is more complex or involves systems that we are less familiar with, then the process may take several weeks. This will be outlined to you when you are issued with a quotation.  

How do you ensure my data is safe and secure? 

We know how important the security of our customers’ data is, so our system and servers all use the latest in security procedures and protocols and our staff are specifically trained to ensure this. We abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in particular we do not keep information longer than we need to. 

What support do you offer?

We provide a specially trained customer helpdesk via email during business hours Monday - Friday (0900 - 1700 GMT/London). In addition, critical platform issues are monitored outside hours.

I don’t know my expected message volume. Which price plan is right for me?

We understand that it can be difficult to predict the required price plan. Our team can certainly help you to do this by having a discussion about your business or use our self help tool located at [link]. If you don’t get it quite right the first time, it can easily be adjusted later. 

How do you calculate the setup fee?

This is subject to the complexity of the integration and/or workflows that we are setting up for you and the time taken for one of our team to get you up and running. 

What does the setup fee cover?

The fee covers the time taken by our team to  launch an integration. It is not simply a case of turning the integration “on”, our integrations can be tailored to each customer including specific data mappings and we will consult with you on this. We also test integrations thoroughly pre launch then continue to monitor closely during the initial stages of your integration going live.

What are the billing intervals and billing method?

Our subscription durations are either Quarterly (3 months) or Annual (12 months) in advance. We do not offer a monthly billing option. For payments, we use Stripe and invoices can be paid via credit card. Future subscription payments can be taken automatically from the payment method that you provide.

What are the subscription terms and conditions, including cancellation & refund policy? 

All of our terms and conditions can be found at roseta.io/pages/terms-conditions

Can you change my price plan once I have started my subscription? 

Yes. Our services are completely scalable to match your individual needs. Subscriptions can go up or down. Included in the Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to change subscriptions based on our volume based pricing model i.e. volume of messages. Any changes will be communicated to you in writing. 

Any other questions? Please email us on sales@roseta.io and we’ll get back to you.