Khaos Control Cloud to Bluepark API Integration

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Khaos Control Cloud

Khaos Control Cloud

Khaos Control Cloud is a cloud-based ERP software with powerful stock control, CRM, order processing and integrated financials.

Khaos Control Cloud to Bluepark

Inventory Management
Order Update

Bluepark to Khaos Control Cloud

Order Import



Bluepark's ecommerce software, powering thousands of UK businesses, provides fully featured online shop solutions for both startups and professionals.

Not all features may be possible to support when implementing an integration.
Confirmation of supported features will be provided in the quotation.

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Monitor Your Workflows

Import and update orders, maintain accurate inventory, and synchronise customer data with this integration.

A carefully crafted dashboard UI will help you track and follow your workflows minute after minute. Get the status, details, timestamps and completion levels of your order exports.

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